Deep Marginal Pond Plants

Deep Marginal Pond Plants

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As their name suggests, these Deep Marginal Pond Plants grow in deeper water than Marginal Pond Plants.

The depths differ with each variety of Deep Marginal Pond Plant. Some are ideal for tubs and sinks, others are only for large pools and lakes. Choose carefully! Plant size is equivalent to a 1 litre pot, knocked out and root washed.

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Water Hawthorn - Aponogeton Distachyum.  Wonderful plant! Snow white flowers on a forked spike with jet-black anthers. The green leaves are strape-like with occasional purplish-brown blotches.The size of the leaves varies according to the depth of planting - up to 20cm long and 8cm wide in lakes. The flowers are heavliy scented like that of vanilla of the hawthorn. Apongeton flower April through to November, but foliage and flowers cease in the height of the summer. The plant seeds freely but never to become a nuisance. Apongeton will tolerate shade. They are ideal in any size pool to tubs and sinks. Depth 15-60cm.

£3.20 / unit(s)

SAVE £0.84. Brandy Bottle - Nuphar Luteum deep marginal pond plant - Native. Suitable for large ponds and lakes only. Green water lily-like leaves with smallish cup shaped yellow flowers. Will grow in moving water. Depth 30-150cm.

Was £4.20
£3.36 / unit(s)

SAVE £0.60. Water Fringe - Nymphoides Peltata deep marginal pond plant - Native. Attractive heart-shaped mottled foliage that spreads like a strawberry runner. Showy bright yellow fringed flowers. Suitable for small pools, tubs and sinks if kept under control. Depth 0-50cm.

Was £3.00
£2.40 / unit(s)

SAVE £0.64. Golden Club - Orontium Aquaticum deep marginal pond plant - Handsome plant with glaucous blue-green foliage rising up to 30cm. Spadix covered with dense yellow flowers. Large rooted. Depth 0-30cm.

Was £3.20
£2.56 / unit(s)