Rescue Night. Pearls - Bach Flowers

Rescue Night. Pearls - Bach Flowers

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Night Rescue Remedy Format: 28 pearls.

Rescue Night Pearls, contains the same composition as the Night Rescue drops.

The difference is that it contains alcohol and therefore is ideal for children.

Daily and other unexpected concerns may affect our state, especially during sleep, it is fair at night when our mind starts and lots of occasions worries interfere with our rest.

Night Rescue Remedy 

It is the traditional formula of Rescue Remedy to which is added the properties of the White Chestnut flower that brings peace and serenity to your mind when you need it.

There are countless benefits of a good rest, so it is very important to sleep without concerns. The Rescue Night with White Chesnut is a combination of Bach Flowers which brings emotional balance we need for a rest.

Our thoughts and concerns are uncontrollable, The feeling of not being able to control negative emotions is accentuated at night, when supposedly should be calmer. Our mind is started and often can not avoid thoughts or ideas that interfere with our ability to concentrate and end up obsessing.


Leave undo a pearl in the mouth before bedtime.

This remedy can be supplied up in minute intervals when the situation demands it, without to cause problems, because like all other flowers of the system is completely harmless and has no contraindications.

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