Grapeseed oil Bio 250ml NaturGreen

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Grapeseed oil 250ml Bio NaturGreen

It is obtained from the first cold pressing and is a virgin oil. It contains a good amount of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. The grape seed oil is ideal for people who want to maintain cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar and prevent oxidation of cholesterol.

This grape seed oil has a light, delicate texture, with a strong but pleasant flavor.


100% grape seed oil first cold pressing.


It can give you a preparation for seasoning vinaigrettes (one few drops will suffice) of salads and vegetables, production of mayonnaise (using eg 10-20% of this oil and 80-90% sunflower oil) or maceration meat.

This product can be consumed directly or in preparation of recipes.

It is recommended that once opened the grape seed oil is kept in the fridge and always away from light in a cool, dry environment.

If crystallizes heat a little, before consumption, at 30-40 ° C.


250 ml bottle. of grape seed oil.


* This product is manufactured on the same line packaging soybean oils, nuts, sesame and oilseeds.

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