Pumpkin Seed Oil Bio 250ml NaturGreen

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Pumpkin seed oil Bio 250ml NaturGreen

It is made from the first cold pressing of seeds from organic farming. It is a dense oil and can be used both for dressing salads and for the preparation of some desserts.

This pumpkin seed oil is rich in oleic acid, it contains more than olive oil or sunflower oil. Oleic acid increases HDL concentration in the blood, so it is good at cardiovascular level.

The pumpkin seed oil has traditionally been used for bladder problems and prostate cancer. Germany is thought to help in the intestinal tract infections and worms.


100% pumpkin seed oil * first cold pressing.

* From organic farming.


This product is manufactured on the same line packaging soybean oils, nuts, sesame seeds and oleaginous.


Ideal eaten raw in stews and pastries. Crystallizes at temperatures below 10C.


500 ml bottle. of pumpkin seed oil.



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