Organic Virgin Olive Oil. Casa Pareja

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Ecological oil. 1L.  Casa Pareja.

Eco Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical cold extraction.

our Oil

Casa Pareja oil is the result of careful cultivation and processing of our olives.

It is an extra virgin olive oil Organic and Biodynamic DEMETER production certificate.

The extraction is carried out cold with freshly harvested olives in our own mill in the middle of olive trees.

We use different varieties of olives are: Arbequina, cuquillo, picual, royal and others to develop our balanced oil, with personality and stable.

The result is a very thick oil aromatic, velvety, with a soft touch and a spicy herbal flavor.


Dark glass bottle to protect the oil from light, model "marasca" tall square with anti-drip and anti filler cap.


Virgin olive oil is an exceptional food produced and consumed by the Mediterranean countries for several millennia base conocidad "Mediterranean Diet"

Virgin olive oil is constituted mainly of triglycerides and, to a lesser extent, by free fatty acids and glycerides no constituents. These minor components, from the quantitative point of view, include more than 230 different chemical compounds and have a great importance for the quality, stability, flavor, aroma and nutritional value of olive oil. The components of olive oil have shown a benefit to health, and specifically a clear cardiovascular benefit, they are oleic fatty acid and polyphenols.

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