Tegorsales n. 11 Schüssler Salts. Silicea

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Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler (medical and naturopathic 1821-1898) concluded that the tissues sick because the cells that form did not contain the required proportions of mineral substances within its constitution. The contribution of these salts in infinitesimal doses allows these cells to rebuild its structure and proper operation.

According to the issues raised by this German researcher, any disturbance in the molecular motion of these salts in living tissue (caused by deficiency in the requirements thereof), constitutes what is called disease. The same can be treated and overcome supply from these salts by "Dr. Schüssler Biochemical Method".

There are 12 different Tegorsales corresponding to 12 Schüssler mineral salts found in the blood.

MUSCLE Ferrum, Kalium, Natrium, Magnesium Phosphoricum, Kalium Muriaticum
NERVE Ferrum, Kalium, Natrium Magnesium Phosphoricum.
TISSUE Mainly Silícea and Calcium Fluoratum
BONE TISSUE Calcium Fluoratum, Calcium Phosphoricum, Silicea and Magnesium Phosphoricum
TISSUE BLOOD Natrium Muriaticum, Ferrum Phosphoricum and Natrium Sulphuricum
EPITHELIAL TISSUE Kalium Sulphuricum, Natrium Sulphuricum and Silicea.


# 11 - SILICEA

Silicic Acid is a very abundant salt around the globe. It is considered the largest amount after oxygen. Together with the carbon is considered as the first origin of life.

Important component of connective tissue, stimulating the formation of collagen, Silica acts primarily on organic substances in the body, involving joints, glands, skin and mucosal surfaces. Stimulates bone growth.

Its action is profound and long lasting. It is extremely useful in malnourished constitutions, due to poor assimilation. The Silica gives the tissue support, firmness and consistency. Depurativo. It is the proper remedy for tables containing pus promotion related to the presence of pístulas.

Promotes improvement (maturation of abscesses), cleaning and regenerating tissues. Prevents premature aging, because the lack of this salt conditions to atrophy of tissues. Silica people feel worse their signs at night and suffer cold feet, better feeling for warm climates and baths of hot water.


- Connective tissue (especially embryonic, also on spine and nerves).

- Connective tissue.

- Ashes of blood and epidermis.

- Urine.

- Hair.

- Nails.

- Teeth.

- Dermis and epidermis.

- Mucous.

- Cardiac muscle.

- Pancreas.

- Bones.

Acts primarily on:

- Connective tissue.

- Connective tissue.

- Central nervous system.

- The skin.

- The bones.

- The appendages (hair, nails, teeth).

- The elasticity of the artery walls.

- Facilitates overcoming external abscesses.

Form reaction with Sodium urate, leading to Sodium Silicate, soluble in water, thereby solving the formation of kidney stones caused by sodium urate and their possible crystallization in cases of arthritis and rheumatism.

Its deficiency causes:

- Worsening overall state of the organism.

- Exhaustion.

- Malnutrition.

- Early Aging.


Demineralization; pressure and pain in the orbits; inflammation of the middle ear; nasal catarrh and redness; abscesses, fistulas and boils; chronic dyspepsia with belching acids; extreme hunger; hyperhidrosis; alopecia; weak and brittle nails; chronic renal suppuration; sexual eretismo; chronic gonorrhea; pimples and blemishes; asthma and allergy to dust; chronic bronchitis; adenitis hard; chronic suppuration; arthritis; headaches.

It is used in any kind of purulent conditions, especially when suppuration is not in its maximum activity, or is in remission.

In the ulcerations of the nails, the hair root disease and disturbances in growth of nails and hair, the Silica is the appropriate remedy.

For children lymphatic-escrofulósica constitution with swollen glands, the best remedy exists to change its constitution is the Silica; are weak or swollen children, big belly, poor appetite, lack of strength and changing states of mind.

The Silica should take all the people who have always cold and shiver even moving, feeling after a few weeks of intake, how the basal metabolism is improved.

In wounds from healing, Silicea is spread directly in powder form, giving very good results in open sores on legs. Moreover, taking Silicea over a long period of time will be able to get a shiny hair and a prettier skin.


6 tablets dissolve in the mouth 6 times a day.


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