Tegorsales n. 5 Schüssler Salts. Kalium Phosphoricum

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Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler (medical and naturopathic 1821-1898) concluded that the tissues sick because the cells that form did not contain the required proportions of mineral substances within its constitution. The contribution of these salts in infinitesimal doses allows these cells to rebuild its structure and proper operation.

According to the issues raised by this German researcher, any disturbance in the molecular motion of these salts in living tissue (caused by deficiency in the requirements thereof), constitutes what is called disease. The same can be treated and overcome supply from these salts by "Dr. Schüssler Biochemical Method".

There are 12 different Tegorsales corresponding to 12 Schüssler mineral salts found in the blood.

MUSCLE Ferrum, Kalium, Natrium, Magnesium Phosphoricum, Kalium Muriaticum
NERVE Ferrum, Kalium, Natrium Magnesium Phosphoricum.
TISSUE Mainly Silícea and Calcium Fluoratum
BONE TISSUE Calcium Fluoratum, Calcium Phosphoricum, Silicea and Magnesium Phosphoricum
TISSUE BLOOD Natrium Muriaticum, Ferrum Phosphoricum and Natrium Sulphuricum
EPITHELIAL TISSUE Kalium Sulphuricum, Natrium Sulphuricum and Silicea.



The Potassium Phosphate is a major salt for proper cell function, essential in the formation of tissues. Specifically indicated for the nervous system; is the great soothing. It is used in nervous disorders of all kinds and so-called neurotic illnesses. People who require this salt is characterized by seeing worsened their situation, both against noise as loneliness sustained for too long, sorrows, disappointments, with pale face, as well as overdrive.

Content for companies and serene conversation on simple and uncontroversial issues they feel.

This Biosal is a good remedy for emergencies when there is fear, known and unknown, and is very useful for sick relatives nearby, where there is lack of sleep, fear, nervousness, sadness, etc.

This salt is very important in life, such as transformation of fat into fatty acids equivalent processes.


- All cells and tissues.

- Brain tissue, nerve, blood.

- Bile.

- All organic fluids.

- Acts on nerve and weak, tired and easily irritated people.

- In nerve and brain with great mental and physical fatigue disorders, even to a state of exhaustion.

- Acts mainly as an important nutrient, high parasympathetic system stimulant nervous system.

- Preventing cell and tissue, also act as antiseptic degeneration.

Its deficiency causes:

- Neuralgia.

- Depression.

- Forgetfulness.

- Constant Anxiety.

- Fatigue or general fatigue.

- Bleeding from blood deterioration.

- Vomiting and dizziness.


Emotional and sensitive effort; neuritis; urinary incontinence due to nerve causes; nightmares; nervous diarrhea; excessive irritability; nervous headaches; rashes; generally malodorous organic drains; gastritis; cramps, muscular fatigue, anxiety; phobias and fears; insomnia; alopecia; nervous asthma; sadness; menstrual cramps; frigidity; impotence; arteriosclerosis; epilepsy; muscle spasms; irregular heartbeat; stomach ulcers; asthma and dyspnea; memory loss; sebaceous cysts purulent; mucous colitis.

Depressive states; psychic nervous asthenia; physical and mental exhaustion; emotionality. In herpes zoster, and to strengthen the autonomic nervous system.


6 tablets dissolve in the mouth 6 times a day.


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