Tegorsales n.4 Schüssler Salts. Kalium Chloratum

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Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler (medical and naturopathic 1821-1898) concluded that the tissues sick because the cells that form did not contain the required proportions of mineral substances within its constitution. The contribution of these salts in infinitesimal doses allows these cells to rebuild its structure and proper operation.

According to the issues raised by this German researcher, any disturbance in the molecular motion of these salts in living tissue (caused by deficiency in the requirements thereof), constitutes what is called disease. The same can be treated and overcome supply from these salts by "Dr. Schüssler Biochemical Method".

There are 12 different Tegorsales corresponding to 12 Schüssler mineral salts found in the blood.




Ferrum, Kalium, Natrium, Magnesium Phosphoricum, Kalium Muriaticum


Ferrum, Kalium, Natrium Magnesium Phosphoricum.


Mainly Silícea and Calcium Fluoratum


Calcium Fluoratum


Calcium Fluoratum, Calcium Phosphoricum, Silicea and Magnesium Phosphoricum


Natrium Muriaticum, Ferrum Phosphoricum and Natrium Sulphuricum


Kalium Sulphuricum, Natrium Sulphuricum and Silicea.


# 4 Kalium Chloratum / Kali Muriatic / Potassium Chloride

Is the most important salt in the intercellular space, and very necessary for the protection of heart muscle tissue. It is found in almost every cell of the body. Overspending by our body can make us a strong state of pain with diarrhea and vomiting.

The efficiency of this salt affects fibrin, exudative layer that lies beneath the skin, responsible for what happens in the second stage of inflammation. Moreover, this salt is essential to the formation of new brain cells.


- Blood corpuscles (present in very strong proportion).

- Muscles.

- Nerve cells.

- Brain cells.

- Intercellular fluid.

Acts primarily on:

- Synovial membranes of the joints.

- In subacute inflammatory states.

- Acts as blood conditioner.

- Lymphatic system.

- Lungs.

- The mucous.

- Peritoneum.

- Middle and inner ear.

- Cornea and conjunctiva.

Its deficiency causes:

Catarrhal -Affections.

- Fibrin exudation of interstitial connective tissue.

- Infections and inflammations of the second phase (itis).


Minor respiratory disorders; cough; cooling symptoms; eliminating side effects of vaccines or immunizing (use "before" as preventive); smallpox; measles; mumps; eczema (particularly children); colds; acne; constipation (liver condition, pregnancy); dyspnea by intake of fatty foods; heavy menstruation; leucorrhea chronic cystitis; burns and scalds; hemorrhoids; headaches with vomiting; chronic catarrh; otitis media; Eustachian tube inflammation; deafness due to throat problems and / or outer ear inflammation; inflammation of the serous (subacute and chronic); dental pains with swelling of gums; diphtheria (with Ferrum Phos, are exclusive to this condition); tonsil inflammation; painful swallowing; loss of voice; rheumatic fever; epilepsy (especially recommended); puerperal fever; eczema indolent; eruptions; glandular swelling (especially indicated), polefaritis and conjunctivitis; bronchitis with cough and expectoration; inflammatory edema; cellulite; rhinitis; chronic cystitis.


6 tablets dissolve in the mouth 6 times a day


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Tegorsales n. 3 Schüssler Salts. Ferrum Phosphoricum. Tegorsales n. 3 Schüssler Salts. Ferrum Phosphoricum.
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