Tegorsales n. 3 Schüssler Salts. Ferrum Phosphoricum.

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Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler (medical and naturopathic 1821-1898) concluded that the tissues sick because the cells that form did not contain the required proportions of mineral substances within its constitution. The contribution of these salts in infinitesimal doses allows these cells to rebuild its structure and proper operation.

According to the issues raised by this German researcher, any disturbance in the molecular motion of these salts in living tissue (caused by deficiency in the requirements thereof), constitutes what is called disease. The same can be treated and overcome supply from these salts by "Dr. Schüssler Biochemical Method".

There are 12 different Tegorsales corresponding to 12 Schüssler mineral salts found in the blood.




Ferrum, Kalium, Natrium, Magnesium Phosphoricum, Kalium Muriaticum


Ferrum, Kalium, Natrium Magnesium Phosphoricum.


Mainly Silícea and Calcium Fluoratum


Calcium Fluoratum


Calcium Fluoratum, Calcium Phosphoricum, Silicea and Magnesium Phosphoricum


Natrium Muriaticum, Ferrum Phosphoricum and Natrium Sulphuricum


Kalium Sulphuricum, Natrium Sulphuricum and Silicea.



Iron is found throughout the body, blood, muscles, hair, intestinal wall. When we aspire function, the iron contained in red blood cells, they receive oxide air for supply to the whole body, always seeking the ultimate goal, "Cell". Therefore, when a lack of iron loosening of muscle tissue occurs is detected.

Iron is strictly related to blood oxygen carrying capacity, encouraging local oxygenation (essential to life). Its usefulness in muscle bags of blood vessels becomes apparent when there is deficiency of this salt, causing congestion and inflammation of tissues.

The Ferrum Phos is an excellent remedy for children as it contains and helps overcome inflammatory conditions, resolving this situation before it had progressed to a state of diagnosis, in the orthodox sense of the term.


- The erythrocytes (red blood cells).

- The spleen (organ hematopopéyico).

- Bone marrow (hematopopéyico organ).

- The villi.

- Muscle tissue.

The Ferrum Phos acts mainly to contain the early stages of all kinds of inflammations and febrile disease processes, as well as fresh wounds, bruises, bleeding and distortions. When states of inflammation are exceeded, Kali Muriaticum is used.

Its deficiency causes:

- Anemia and lack of red blood cells.

- Loose muscle fibers.

- Poor intestinal absorption.


Retinitis; colds; congestion of mucous membranes; nasal catarrh; headaches in adults and children; initial febrile states (38th); anemias with migraines; dyspepsia; vomiting (undigested food); Hemorrhoids (swelling); incontinence (sphincter weakness); stomach pains; dyspnea; diurnal enuresis; algias renal inflammation; excessive congestion of menstrual periods; respiratory diseases with inflammation (acute febrile condition or initial); phlebitis; varicose veins; rheumatic fever, weakness without organic cause; night sweats; pain in shoulder and deltoid area: inflammations; fresh wounds (mechanical); grains; acne; preexudativo state of inflammation; blunting of blood loss; inflammation of the middle ear; feeling hot head and cold feet; general feeling of cold; tremors thirst, red face; constipation and diarrhea.

This remedy effectively regulates the intestine (looseness or constipation), being very useful in children. Beside Kali Phos, is one of the salts used most frequently in these times. It is also used for fever in children and measles.

To stop bleeding from small wounds, apply powder Ferrum Phos, as well as helping to heal, clean the wound quickly. To achieve the dust just shred the amount of blood or tablets deemed necessary.

Pneumonia; otitis media; laryngitis; coughing.


6 tablets dissolve in the mouth 6 times a day.


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