Cellimine Fat Burner 20 ampoules. Super Diet

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Cellimine Bio Fat Burner. 20 blisters. Super Diet
A full month of treatment at an incredible price! 

Formula from organic farming based Papaya, Green Tea, and Guarana Avena. Its multiple properties will make you burn fat and fight cellulite.
Certified organic

No alcohol, no preservatives, no dyes  

Ingredients: Water extract of green tea * (Leaf - Camellia sinensis) (250 mg **) and Papaya * (fruit - Papaya Carica) (250 mg **) - Apple juice concentrate * - Oat Bran Extract * (Avena sativa) (600 mg **) (support: maltodextrin *) - guarana) (350 mg **) (stand - Guarana dry * (Seed Extract: maltodextrin *).
15 ml per ampoule
Presentation: 20 ampoules  

Papaya is a tropical fruit known for its diuretic, anti-oxidants and high in vegetable fiber properties. What helps lose weight and fight cellulite.
Green tea is a powerful fat burning, increases metabolism and helps to remove fluid
Oats. Satiating effect. Diuretic.
Guarana. It stimulates natural fat metabolism.  

Directions: Take 1 ampoule per day with food, pure or diluted in half a glass of water

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