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Herbamare Diet 125g. A. Vogel


Diet Herbamare salt, low sodium, potassium chloride based. 

Based on the original formula of Dr. Alfred Vogel Herbamare, but without using sea salt. Herbamare Diet has been prepared using potassium chloride, a salt "sodium free", suitable for all those who must follow a strict diet without sodium or low-salt diet.

It also provides natural iodine, through the seaweed Kelp included in the composition.

Properties and allergens:

100% vegetable

Glute and lactose free

Free glutamate (flavor enhancer)

Suitable for vegetarians

Ingredients from organic farming:

Potassium chloride, fresh vegetables (leek, onion, pepper, lovage, horseradish, celery, spinach, garlic) *; fresh herbs (thyme, rosemary, basil, marjoram, parsley) *, lemon *, magnesium chloride, seaweed kelp.

How to use

Ideal to replace common salt in meat dishes, fish, vegetables, cereals, soups, potatoes, sauces, eggs, cheeses and generally in any recipe.


Do not cook! Herbamare Diet should be consumed raw, as a condiment.

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