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Agar-Agar - Algamar - 50g

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Agar - Agar (Shiro kanten) is a very flexible and resistant, originally from the southern seas Africa and gelatinous red alga. It is the marine jelly highest quality. This soluble fiber extracted from seaweed Gelidium sesquipedale, has a neutral flavor, is 100% vegetable and very easy to prepare.
It is satiating and provides few calories.

Contains lots of minerals and trace elements very beneficial for people with osteoporosis, weakness, arthritis, etc.

Seaweeds are very soft foods and digestive properties that benefit and help eliminate waste from the stomach and intestine.
For the same reason, it is very appropriate agar for constipation.

For its satiating power and low calorie intake, it is perfect for diets.

For salad:
To use the agar-agar seaweed salad, just we have to soak strips in water for 10 minutes and include them in the salad.

To make jelly or thicken a recipe.
The process is very simple. You just have to put on fire agar along with the remaining ingredients, boil for 10 minutes, stirring until dissolved, remove from heat, and let cool.

For hard consistency:
1 tablespoon (about 3 grams) per liter ½ of liquid. Let cool.
For medium consistency:
1 tablespoon per liter. Let cool.

50 g.
Gelatin certified organic seaweed (Gelidium)

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