RF Generator

RF Generator

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  • 10kHz~1040MHz AM/FM standerd signal generator
  • Self-diagnosis and calibration functions
  • Built-in reverse power protection circuit(25W Max.)




Information about Product

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  • -Series 5200: Frequency range from 9kHz to 20GHz
  • -Series 5100: Frequency range from 9kHz to 12GHz
  • -Output level between -30dBm and +25dBm
  • -Phase noise <-133dBc/Hz, 10kHz offset
  • -Modulation function: AM/FM/OM/Pulse
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-Series 3130: Frequency range from 9kHz to 13.6GHz

-Series 3060: Frequency range from 9kHz to 6.5GHz

-Phase noise <-116dBc/Hz, 20kHz offset

-Modulation function: AM/FM/OM/Pulse

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-Frequency Range: 9kHz - 3.6GHz

-Amplitude Indicator Range: -110dBm to +13dBm

-Phase Noise: <-112dBc/Hz @1GHz, 20kHz offset

-Modulation Function: AM/FM/OM/Pulse/IQ (Only in Series A)

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