Ref. 5992 Field meter analog / digital Televes BER, MER, MPEG-2/4,ECOS, WIFI, Constelation.

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  • Scanning speed in real time, capturing has 20 MHz in less than 10 ms
  • Works as a Universal Analyzer Banda, allowing any signal to explore and measure the spectrum in the band ranging from 5 to 2500 MHz is not necessary to select any particular band
  • The Span is fully configurable in multiples of 100 KHz, which gives an excellent ability to analyze any type of interference.
  • Large dynamic range to enhance the analysis of very low interference from background noise
  • Zoom of the spectrum. To further extend the offer television, radio spectrum is filled with more and more adjacent groove. Traditional gauges allowed him either to increase the width of the span to analyze the influence of adjacent channels or decrease the span to analyze only the tuned channel
  • Now, with the zoom range, you can do both tests simultaneously. The screen is divided into two halves (top and bottom) allowing a canal lock in the lower half while increasing or decreasing the width of span inan in width.
  • Vertical reference levels at intervals of only 1 dB. This feature will allow more detailed analysis possible of any power or misuse of levels.
  • The best and fastest of any detail of any constellation. QAM, DVB-S2 (either 8PSK or QPSK) and COFDM. Even you can manually select to represent carriers in a COFDM signal.
  • Analysis of the impulse response of a real channel (ECO function) of any COFDM signal.
  • Memory almost unlimited storage. Thus, all in the upper half, according to their needs. In this way, do not miss a detail of a channel at the same time it sees the full spectrum of channels with the maximum spstallations and testing can be electronically stored, downloaded to a PC through a USB interface or stored in a storage device DIGITAL SAFE.
  • Li-Ion batteries with smart management software that allows a range of up to five hours in low power mode.
  • Rotary Selector robust capacitive sensing, which allows fast and accurate scans. The weakness of the traditional thumbwheel is a source of damage.
  • All these features are the product of advanced technology applied in their development Televés and we have realized in a meter small size weighing only 2.3 kg of robust construction and easy handling
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