BERSA THUNDER 9 PRO - 4,5 mm Co2 Steel Bbs

BERSA THUNDER 9 PRO - 4,5 mm Co2 Steel Bbs

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Originally developed by BERSA, as a weapon for military use and for the application of the law,

The Thunder® Pro HC was built to operate under adverse conditions and provide decisive braking power.
This is a non-recoil semiautomatic compressed air version of 4.5 mm (.177) with full BERSA license.
It is fed with a 12 g CO2 capsule stored in the grip using the easyload system and the BBs are placed in the removable magazine.
The Thunder® Pro HC is a lightweight, good-sized gun with an ergonomic design. An integrated picatinny rail allows the assembly of lasers or tactical lights.
The grip and the metal slide have authentic BERSA marks and each weapon comes with a unique serial number.


Length: 192mm / 7.7inch

Barrel length: 115mm / 4.6 inches
Capacity: 19 shots

Charger: ASG17306
Hop up type:
Speed: 122ms / 400fps

Weight: 530gr / 1.2lb
Energy: 2.6 joules

Compressed air - CO2
- Bersa - ASG
- No blowback
- Rail
- Easyload
- Unique serial number
- No blowBlack
- 0.177 / 4.5 mm
-> 2J-3J
Since 1958, BERSA® has manufactured precise, reliable and robust pistols, using advanced firearms technologies combined with innovation.
The Argentine military, as well as law enforcement officials around the world, have routinely used and relied on BERSA® guns as their official weapon.
BERSA® is currently one of the largest private corporations in Argentina.

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