Banbury Cross 96 Hatcher 70HT

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Egg Capacity
Hen or Duck 96 Eggs
Duck/Turkey 56 Eggs
Pheasent or Pharaon 112 Eggs
Quails 216 Eggs
Trays are universal. All quantities are approximate.

h x b x l cm: 51 x 44 x 54

El Supply:
220-240 Volt 50-60 Hz
150 Watt 0.9 kW / 24 hours

Banbury Cross Incubators Features

Low Energy usage - Approx Daily running cost - 10p a day
Fully Insulated, including double galzed clear door
Danish high quality design
Easy to Clean
All fan assisted
Machines have been tested against commercial incubators, with simular performance
Even air-flow with side buffles for the larger incubators
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