Revlon anti Hair Loss Shampoo 1000 ml

Revlon anti Hair Loss Shampoo 1000 ml

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Intragen is an expert cosmetic trichology brand, for resolving hair problems. It stands out for its anti hair loss complex, developed and patented in our laboratories, formulated from components of botanical origin. It acts simultaneously on the all the main causes of hair loss, providing solutions for each one of them:

  • Blocking free radicals that reduce the quantity and diameter of hair.
  • Stimulating micro circulation: hair is oxygenated and nourished.
  • Growth of new hair cells: More vigorous and resistant hair.
  • Reduction of oil production: Healthier hair.

Scientifically demonstrated results:
A 22% increase in hair density and double the resistance to hair loss.
A wide range in order to be able to adapt its use to each consumer's lifestyle.

Range of products:

  • Anti hair loss treatment concentrate ampoules
  • Anti hair loss shampoo
  • Anti hair loss treatment patch
  • Anti hair loss treatment spray foam


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