NOVEX. Brazilian Keratin extra deep hair care cream 1 kg

NOVEX. Brazilian Keratin extra deep hair care cream 1 kg

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Express Mask effective action in just 3 minutes. High density product, rich in vitamins, high concentration and excellent performance. Novex is the mark of this professional treatment in each capillary transformation of the lives of more than 60 million Brazilian women. Conditioners creams Novex treatments were specially created to put in the hands of the best stylists innovation that exists in the hair.

For victims or hair extremely brittle.

Active principles
It contains vitamin E and hydrolyzed keratin, high power treatment and nutrition. PH 3.4 which penetrates the hair structure efficiently.

With innovative and focused technology that acts in just 3 minutes from the root to tip and ultra deep action only masks this brand have. Straightening has no power, is a mask to hydrate and restore the hair fiber. Novex is the food that your hair needed to be perfect.

The result of this ultra deep action are treated hair, healthy, soft and fragrant as ever. Your hair brighter, more softness and more perfume!

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