KV-1. Bifunctional Hair Peeling 200 ml

KV-1. Bifunctional Hair Peeling 200 ml

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Kv1 bifunctional peelingscrub is a preparation based on a combination of different alpha-hydroxy acids with airborne dust.
By gently massaging the product on the scalp dermoabrasivas its particles perform a cell exfoliation dead scalp and flake boards simply thickened or dirt.
After application of this article is prepared for further treatment scalp double efficiency. Also contains quaternary ammonium salt which provides bactericidal properties.
How to use
Apply to dry scalp. Perform a gentle circular massage all over the surface of the head. Leave for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
After washing your hair with shampoo to treat scalp problem. Can also be combined with the appropriate toner.

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