Parlux 3800 Eco Friendly ionic & ceramic black

Parlux 3800 Eco Friendly ionic & ceramic black

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The innovative Eco Friendly Parlux 3800 is designed to preserve the environment and sustainable development. So take the brand Eco Friendly Parlux Product, which means:
Using highly recyclable raw materials: all components are fully regenerable free of harmful elements and painted with non-toxic paints.
Low noise pollution: development of the new built-in silencer, which significantly reduces noise perceived by the professional and the client.
Energy conservation Parlux attention to dry faster, saving time and power, this implies a positive effect on the environment.
Compatible with the ozone layer during drying at any speed and temperature, there are no harmful emissions.
Use of ecological packaging and documentation: all are made and printed on recycled paper and cardboard, 100% biodegradable.
Power: 2,100 watts.
Airflow: 75 cubic meters / hour.
Engine: K-Lamination, 135 W, Brush 18 mm Length: 2,000 hours.
Electronic balancing fan motor.
2 Switches - 16 Amp (optimized with pure silver contacts).
2 speeds - 4 temperature.
Instant Cold air actuated microswitch.
Nickel-chromium resistance and safety thermostat fitted.
Thermal insulation with air chamber.
2 nozzles.
Cable 3 meters.
Recyclable materials.
Low noise built-in silencer.
Super fast drying to save energy.
Ozone friendly (no harmful emissions).
Available in a wide range of modern metallic colors to meet the tastes of all hairdressers.

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