Anti Oily Dandruff, shampoo and lotion

Anti Oily Dandruff, shampoo and lotion

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Contains a complex based antidandruff Piroctone Olamine and undecylenic acid derivative, both known to be effective against dandruff preventing rebound effect. In addition sulfur combines active, sebum regulators, such as keratin, rich in cystine and methionine, and thioxolone with other soothing and moisturizing properties as glycerin, chamomile extract and provitamin B5. It has been formulated with a mixture of not aggressive or irritating surfactants getting clean hair in a gentle way, without attacking or drying it, through a rich and creamy lather.
Alcoholic lotion that stands out for its content Piroctone Olamine which combined with thymol becomes a potent anti-dandruff agent that works by preventing the growth of microorganisms that increase when there is an excess of sebum in the scalp and end up causing the appearance of dandruff. In addition, other moisturizing lotion containing active ingredients and soothing as possible irritations Panthenol, Menthol, and chamomile extract. Keratin, rich in sulfur amino acids acts as sebum regulator addition to repairing the hair structure.

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