Paraffin wax Bath

Paraffin wax Bath

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There is nothing better for skin care and, in particular, hand care. Results can be felt immediately! 
Soft, smooth skin and gentle therapeutic warmth for hands, elbows and feet (up to shoe size 42, UK 8, US 8 1/2). Paraffin wax moisturises dry, cracked skin and simultaneously soothes stiff joints and tired muscles. Many sufferers of neurodermatitis and rheumatism know and appreciate the benefits of paraffin baths.  
During paraffin treatment, the hands or feet are placed in a special paraffin warmer. 
Coating the hands in paraffin causes the pores to open immediately, a similar effect to sweating in a sauna. Released moisture remains in the skin, dry tissue becomes taut and soft. 
Stressed hands are given a new lease of life! A classic manicure and hand massage are the ideal treatments before a paraffin bath.


  • Paraffin bath
  • 2 x 450g paraffin wax
  • 2 x towelling gloves (can also be used as booties)
  • 100 plastic gloves
  • Heat protection grid 

Effects of paraffin treatment:

The heat of the paraffin and the sealing effect allow products applied before treatment to penetrate deeply. Care products are optimally absorbed by the skin. Paraffin also soothes itching and smooths cracked, rough skin. The fantastic results can be seen immediately after treatment. 
The machine:

The machine is simple to operate with a single slide switch. Operating instructions assist you further. 
The slide switch has two positions. Temperature cut off is controlled by a bimetallic switch. When set to LO the heat cuts off at approx. +55°C and when set to HI, at approx. +65°C. Power supply is displayed by a green LED. 
Technical data: 
Voltage: 220 - 240 Volt 50Hz 
Output: 150 Watt 
Minimum load approx. 900g paraffin wax 
Optimum load approx. 1800g paraffin wax 
Maximum load approx. 2700g paraffin wax 
Melting temperature: approx. 65°C 
Treatment temperature: approx. 55°C 
Exterior dimensions: length 330 mm x width 250 mm x height 185 mm 
Interior dimensions:   length 260 mm x width 180 mm x height 120 mm

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