Professional / Reseller Info

Dear Customer,
many thanks for your registration in our new onlineshop.
After registration you have to do following steps - if not done already:

1. Send us your company registration via Email to

2. Send us your VAT Number (=Tax number) PLUS a document proofing or validating your VAT Number via Email to
Please note: a VAT Number is always bound to a certain adress which will be your adress for invoices from Cromozona. A differencing adress will not be accepted.
But: You can name several, differecing shipping adresses.
We do not need a VAT number, if you come from a non EU country.

3. Sign and complete confirmation and send it back to
If you are already customer of Cromozona we don’t need the documents.
Please note, that we have to check the documents and your registration, you’ll get as soon as possible a mail when your user is ready to login.