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Cutter Handle - Cutters No 9 - No 10

Product no.: ESSDEE 01

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Cutter Handle and Cutter No 9 - No 10

To cut the channel for the wiring in your dolls house for lighting / Fires

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 This pack contains Cutter Handle and Cutter No 9 - No 10

Manufactured from high carbon steel and a strong polypropylene handle with aluminium ferrule, which allows the easy fitting and tightening of the cutters.

Precision-ground high-carbon steel Cutters Style 9 – A deep “v” cutter for narrow lines.

Precision-ground high-carbon steel Lino Cutters Style 10 – Similar to 9 but with a wider “v” and a more rounded base to produce lines up to 3.5mm wide. Good also on tougher materials.

1. Decide where you want to run your wire

2. Mark 2 line where you want to make your grove for your wire

3. With a knife and a straight edge run the knife along the lines

4. With the No 9 cutter in the handle take out the wood between the 2 knife cuts

5. With the No 10 cutter in the handle take out the wood between the 2 knife cuts

6. Making sure you do not take out too much the grove only wants to be deep enough to take your wire

7. Please do not put your hand in front of the tool when cutting the grove

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