Gaskets, oil seals & piston rings

Gaskets, oil seals & piston rings

GB-S-TEC gaskets

GB-S-TEC gaskets

Superior quality, direct from a specialist!

We know what's important: A good gasket doesn't cost much compared to the price of a good engine, however, a poor seal can destroy an engine very quickly.

Copper gaskets

Copper gaskets of different thicknesses that can be mounted on your engine

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Product no.: ZEN_T2070-41210

Segment 32mm with 1mm of thickness for 23cc Zenoah 03 and CY engines

7.90 *

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Product no.: ZEN_1850-21220

Large joint spy for all Zenoah G230 / G240 / G260 / G270 / G290 engines which can be mounted on the clutch side

5.02 *

In stock

Product no.: ZEN_1100-41210

Piston ring 32mm for 23cc Zenoah G2D engines

8.90 / pair(s) *

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Product no.: ZEN_T2075-13150

Zenoah insulator gasket. 

2.01 *

In stock

Product no.: ZEN_5772-31602

Heavy Duty 4 Bolts Steel Reinforced Cylinder Gasket

3.31 *

In stock

Product no.: ZEN_5852-25101

Replacement piston for the Zenoah G320RC / G320PUM engine only. 

Does NOT fit earlier Zenoah RC models!

9.00 / unit(s) *

Still in stock

Product no.: GB_11001030

Cylinder gasket 0.30 mm fitting on Zenoah G230/260 and similar engines from manufacturers like Chung Yang, etc.

2.26 *

In stock

Product no.: DM_0096

Copper Cylinder Gasket 0.15mm of thickness for Zenoah G230RC or G260RC engine

6.90 / unit(s) *

In stock

Product no.: ZEN_5772-31601
2.81 *

In stock

Product no.: ZEN_X374323197

Complete gasket kit for Zenoah 2-bolts RC engines. With this set you will have all the gaskets needed servicing your engine right away.

10.03 / pack(s) *

In stock

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11 - 20 of 66 results