SCS M² - Tyre heaters Carbon Touring Car [M80100_carbon]

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The tyre warmers are equipped with cable and banana plug. The tire represents the direct connection to the road and is thus absolutely decisive for fast and constant rounds. In order to be able to start fast laps from the outset and to be able to spare tires, tire heating blankets are also suitable. These are now indispensable in the competition. SCS M2 offers these high-quality tire heating blankets. The heating blankets can be easily removed from the tire, even if a body is already mounted. In addition, they do not have to be staked out and do not break if they are stuck for a whole day.

A pair pulls about 8A, so should be paid attention to a sufficiently large power supply.

Suitable for all tires 1/5 touring cars and Porsche (no wide tires at Porsche).

Technical Information for one pair

  • Current consumption approx. 4.30 A
  • 120 mm tyre diameter
  • Weight approx. 165 g
  • Nominal/guideline values (at approx. 20 °C ambient temperature)
    • 10 min. at 12 V 80 °C
    • 20 min. at 12 V 94 °C
    • 30 min. at 12 V 100 °C

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