Savöx - SC-1256TG+ Servo

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Full Size Digital Coreless Servo - State-of-the-art technology with 12-bit processor and titanium sprockets. 0.15sec / 60 ° 20kg-cm @ 6v

  • Extremely powerful with a torque of 20kg-cm.
  • Extraordinarily light, 20% lighter than its similar level competitors.
  • The coreless motor provides high level performance, flexibility, speed and efficiency.
  • The aluminum casing is not just for aesthetics, but allows the electronics to evacuate heat and therefore have constant performance.
  • Very strong titanium sprockets, the design makes sprocket breakage an old story.
  • Environmentally friendly, it is made from recyclable materials.
  • Ideal for steering 1/8 buggies, big wheels, rock crawlers and 1/5.
  • Height: 40.3mm
  • Width : 37.2mm
  • Depth : 20mm
  • Weight : 52.4 g

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