MIELKE - Fueltank cap system [5800]

Product no.: M5800

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Tank cap made of aluminum / plastic threaded for screwing into the original FG tank. Sealed by an O-ring which is inserted in the aluminum part. The position of the filler cap is  adjustable in multiple positions by the 3 screws . Delivered in a mounted state.

Mounting procedure:

Remove the old cap and then screw the fuel cap with thread straight into the hole and seal it. Then the fuelcap is tight.


Product Note Status Price
FG - Fast closing tank 700ml [08384] FG - Fast closing tank 700ml [08384]
75.15 € *
FG - Fuel tank 800 ml/ snap closure [08383] FG - Fuel tank 800 ml/ snap closure [08383]
67.80 € *
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