Killer RC - Remote Engine Kill Switch

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This Super Bee kit kills your 2-cycle gas engine on command, during a radio glitch, low battery, or total battery power loss The Super Bee is 4 kill switch versions in one. No need for multiple versions for different radios. Just flip the dip switches to change how the Super Bee functions. The Super Bee works with most 2, 3, 4+ channel radios Adjustable low battery voltage cutoff: Choose from 3, 4, 5, 6v cutoff (great for LiFe or LiPo packs) Adjustable glitch sensitivity Multi color built-in LED Buzzer output with multiple tones LED output, which can power up to 4 sets of Killer RC 6v LED headlights Dual engine temp sensors w/ adjustable high temp kill (optional temp sensors coming soon) Data Logging, (optional add-on module coming soon) Half the size of the Killer Bee kill switch Double insulated ignition coil wiring with quick disconnect, and EMI filter Detailed instructions included If you don't have a spare radio channel you will need to buy a 2-way splitter cable to plug the Super Bee into your steering channel.

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