Remote Engine Kill Switch

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This kit cutoff your 2-stroke gas engine on command, after looses power or signal


  • LED indicating if ignition is live
  • Fiber optically coupled to eliminate interference
  • Li-Po/Li-ion/LiFe/Ni-Cd/Ni-MH compatible
  • Input voltage from 3V, 3A to 20V, 16A
  • Only 8g
  • Manual engine shutdown from a button on the radio
  • Automatic motor shutdown on signal loss or low battery


  1. Connect the killswitch to AUX1 or an unused channel
  2. Install the killswitch in a secure and protected location. The receiver box is the perfect place.
  3. Mount the LED in a visible location.
  4. Secure the killswitch with double sided tape to prevent vibration damage.
  5. Connect the killswitch cable to the coil. Polarity doesn't matter.
  6. Fix the cable away from the flywheel and all moving parts


Transmitter setup:

  1. Assign a button on your radio, the channel used by the killswitch
  2. Configure the channel used as a 2-position auxiliary channel
  3. When the kill switch LED is solid red, the engine can be started.
  4. To set failsafe**, bind the receiver to the transmitter with the failsafe cutout in the off position. This ensures that if the receiver loses power or signal, the kill switch will turn off the motor

**Not compatible with Spektrum SRS4200, SRS4201 and SRS4210 receivers

Low voltage cutoff:

  1. Change the jumpers on the side to select the cutoff voltage
  2. If the voltage drops below the selected voltage, the motor will be cut


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