KO Propo - Electrical Switch 3 [60230]

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The Ko Propo Electrical Switch3 employs an electronic ON / OFF switch which has high durability against vibration and shock of the GP cars, so it avoids the contact failure which could occur in the conventional slide switch, supply is possible.
The CPU remembers the current power state ON/OFF. It prevents the power supply from turning off due to poor contact of the connector by the vibration in the GP car.

During operation the switch shows the minimum voltage is displayed. So, the voltage at the time of the voltage drop during running can be easily confirmed.


  • Voltage displayed by 7 segment LED
  • Translucent case
  • LIPO mode for safety using
  • Safety using for engine car

Technical Data:

Input Voltage min / max: 5.0V / 10.0V
Current cont. / peak: 8A / 14A
Battery Monitor: Yes
LiPo Mode 2s: Yes
Dimensions: 39.2x17.5x9.5mm
Weight: 10.0g


1x Electrical Switch
1x Manual

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