Hobbywing - Xerun Justock Combo G3 and 10 Turn 4000kV for 1:10 Stock,Drift

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A combination of the JUSTOCK 3650SD G2.1 motor and the XR10 JUSTOCK G3 ESC, this combo is perfectly matched for the ambitious stock or races. The XR10 JUSTOCK G3 ESC was specially developed for races and training drives. The brand new "RPM Limit" programming option ensures that the limit can be adjusted depending on the racing requirements - from 12.500RPM up to 25.000RPM as well as unlimited. In addition, there is the well-known fixed 0-Timing, which is often required in races. So get ready for a fair and successful race.

Thanks to new programming options compared to its predecessor, it is now also possible to determine the direction of rotation of the motor as well as to set the BEC voltage to a certain value.

Features (ESC)

  • Perfect for competition thanks to RPM limits and 0 timing
  • Direction of motor rotation free choosable (CW or CCW)
  • Adjustable BEC voltage (6V or 7,4V)
  • Robust aluminum housing for ideal heat dissipation
  • Built-in capacitors as a space-saving solution compared to external capacitors
  • Various protective functions against polarity reversal, overheating, Fail-safe and more
  • Numerous possibilities for programming (LED / LCD programming, WiFi / OTA module, ...)
  • Firmware upgrades possible to always be up to date

Features (Motor)

  • Heat-resistant magnet and double insulated windings
  • Precision bearings
  • Cool look and good heat-dissipation
  • Linear and smooth control
  • Re-buildable design

Technical Specifications (ESC)

Type: Brushless, Sensored
Power cont./peak 60A / 380A
Input Voltage: 2S Lipo
BEC: 6V / 7.4V @ 4A
Motor Types: Brushless Motors (sensored and sensorless)
Motor Limit: >=10.5T 3650 Motor
Fan: Yes, Input via BEC
SET-Button, LED Programming Box, LCD Programming Box, Wifi Module, OTA Module, separate Programming Port
Dimensions: 40.9x33.9x32.1mm
Weight: 75.4g
Application: 1/10, 1/12 On-Road and Off-Road Competition and Training (e.g. Touringcar, Buggy)

Technical Specifications (Motor)

Typ:  Brushless / Sensor
Pole:  2
KV Rating:  4000KV
Windings:  10.5T
LiPo Cells:  2-3s
No load Current:  4.9A
Outer Diameter:  35.9mm
Length:  52.5mm
Shaft Diameter:  3.17mm
Weight:  175g
Timing:  Fixed
Applications:  1/10, 1/12 Touring Car und Buggy (Drift Class)


1x ESC
1x Motor

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