Brushless motor Tenshock X501S 960KV

Product no.: HARM_3005010

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179.90 / unit(s)
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Special CNC machined housing for maximum heat dissipation

Highly efficient 8-pole 24 slots brushless motor
High performance rotor with embedded magnets
Highly pure copper windings to optimize the conductivity
Extremely strong sintered neodymium magnets
Strong torque with low weight
Low RI solder contacts


Pole: 8
Power: 4000W
Length: 89 mm
Diameter: 57 mm
Shaft: 8 mm
Weight: 700 g
Holes: 2 x M5; 4 x M4
Hole pattern: 30.0 mm
Max. Temperature of the neodymium: 180 ° C
Speed limit: 37500
Recommended timing: 10 - 15

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