HARM FX-3e Chassis Formula 1 e-Drive [1308050]

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The FX-3e Formula 1 chassis with electric drive is based on the well-known and successful FX-3 chassis.

In order to integrate the electric drive into the chassis, some components have been completely redesigned.
The chassis plate has been completely redesigned for the use of the electric drive, engine mount etc.

The FX-3e chassis comes standard with a CFK / carbon plate for attaching the drive battery.
The battery box suitable for the 22000mAh battery is optionally available.

The battery plate as well as the optional battery box is mounted on four oscillating rubbers.
This ensures that the chassis can work ("flexing").

The FX-3e chassis comes as a "rolling chassis". That complete chassis pre-assembled with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes and big-bore shock absorbers.

All linkage and the associated fittings, receiver box, and other small parts are included.
The following components are still needed:

  • front spoiler
  • rear spoiler
  • Servo, as well as receivers etc.
  • differential
  • engine
  • controller
  • drive battery
  • Receiver battery (if no BEC is used)
  • tires
  • body

The drive components:

  • Engine: Tenshock X501S 7Y 960KV
  • Cruise control: Hobbywing Max6
  • Drive battery: Lipo 8S

The capacity of the battery and the reduction is of course crucial for the travel time.
The drive batteries we used 30.4V / 670Wh (22000mAh) were specially made and allow a journey time of over 30min.
With standard batteries 2 x 4S 10000mAh the travel time is approx. 12-14min.

The drive components used have proven themselves very well.
There are no additional fans necessary.

For security reasons we use an additional receiver battery.

Attention! The H.A.R.M. FX-3e chassis is designed for installation of Tenshock X501S engine!

All milled parts H.A.R.M. E-drive chassis are made of the very high-quality aluminum 7075.


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HARM - Battery box complete [1320180-E] HARM - Battery box complete [1320180-E]
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