Zenoah - Crankshaft +2 for G320RC [00340]

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Adding this +2mm stroker crank to your Zenoah G320RC engine will convert it to a 30mm stroke, 38mm bore, 34.02cc "G340RC" performance beast!!!

Be sure to check your squish clearance after installing this crankshaft to prevent engine damage. For this crankshaft to fit into your G320RC engine, you must modify the squish on your cylinder to accommodate the larger stroke.

Note: The lower rod of the +2mm crankshaft (since it sits 1mm lower than the stock rod location) makes it slightly rub on the stock Zenoah G320RC crankcase. Before using this crankshaft, it is essential that you remove a small amount of crankcase material to free up space so the rod does not hit.

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