T2M - Progbox ESC TETC [T49015]

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Programming box for Rush controller TETC version


  1. Dimmer setting: easy and quick to use, you will be able to modify the settings visible on the LCD screen.
  2. Li-Po battery tester: indicates the number of Li-Po cells (6S max), the voltage of each cell, the highest and lowest voltage of a cell as well as the voltage difference between the strongest and weakest cell.
  3. PPM input: allows you to measure the receiver output voltage as well as the width of the PPM signal and the frequency of use of the servo.
  4. Servo tester: allows you to measure the servo supply voltage, its travel and its peak current consumption.
  5. KV and RPM tester: measures input voltage, Kv and speed in revolutions per minute.
  6. Adjustment via RUSH LINK interface on PC (with USB cable not supplied)

Warning: micro-B type USB connector on the board. Specific data transfer cable (data transfer) imperative.

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