T2M - Smart Guard + [T1230]

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This small measuring device makes it possible to check the state of charge of the batteries, to check the correct balancing of the Li-XX or Ni-XX cells but also to test the servos and variators.

This device is intended to test Li-XX batteries up to 8S (Li-Po, Li-Ion, Li-FE, Li-HV).

To test a Li-XX type 1S battery, it will be necessary to power the device using a 3.6V battery or a 5V UBEC source which must be connected to the Ni-XX port. .

To test a Ni-XX battery, the device supports a direct connection of 4-8S.

To test a Ni-XX battery of less than 4S, you will need to power the device using a 2-8S Li-XX source.

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