RS5 - XT 2022 Touring Car Chassis kit

Product no.: RS5_XT-102

can be shipped within 7 days

2,700.00 / kit(s)
Prices incl. VAT, delivery

The car have now the wheelbase of 508mm (19mm shorter then the older models).

With Beast engine fixing kit (27190, 27125)

The components upgraded:

  • New short alloy Chassis
    • New short carbon side stiffeners
    • New short Fuel tank
  • New front end with longer upper wishbone
    • New bulkheads
    • New upper wishbone
    • New carbon stiffener for the upper wishbone
    • New steering arm
    • New roll-center adjusting spacers
  • All New Shock absorber
    • Better sealings
    • Variable volume compensators
    • Optional Valve system (will come soon)
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