SAMBA - Samba 7 Titanium pipe [7303]

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This pipe is the TITANIUM version of the Samba 7.

The weight reduction on this version of the Samba 7: 140g

The Samba 7 is a new connection system. This low-maintenance, flexible connection between elbow and resonator is guaranteed by four springs.

Despite increased performance, fuel consumption remains the same compared to a Samba 6. The Samba 7 provides significantly improved performance, i.e. power is optimal over the entire available range of the engine!


  • New elbow exhaust connection system
  • Lower center of gravity thanks to new alignment
  • Also fits 510 wheelbase


The Samba 7 comes with an installation kit.

It fits at all On Road cars as:

  • FG,
  • Contrast,
  • Bergonzoni,
  • Harm
  • Genius
  • ...
  • Also suitable for cars with medium wheelbase (510 mm) from FG


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SAMBA - Exhaust manifold for Samba 7&8 [7125] SAMBA - Exhaust manifold for Samba 7&8 [7125]
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