HARM - Alloy axle hub front offset 0 and 5mm [1511206-25]

Product no.: HARM_1511206-25

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These axle hubs front now also offer the opportunity to mount the hub axially.

In this case, the necessary castor for the SX-4 chassis, as in the offset position is integrated in the axle hub.

It is important when using the axially position to check the clearance at large look angles.
It is necessary to install a 5mm washer (no. 1511334-5) below the lower screw.

With this axle hubs it is now possible, to use the previous 5mm offset position and to use the axially position.

By using the axially position the chassis gets more direct steering response and improved traction.

The driver can tune now the chassis better on his personal driving style.

This version replaces the previous axle hubs no. 1511206-20 and 1511206-21.

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