HARM - Chassis reinforcement right SX-4, 535mm [1320007-1]

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The new chassis reinforcement for the SX-4 chassis with 535mm wheelbase has been extended to the rear and in addition to the screw connection, it is possible to use up to 4 dowel pins.As the tests have shown in the last race of the season, the risk of default of the chassis is minimized by the new reinforcements. At the same time the driving behavior is positively influenced. 

In the case of the left chassis reinforcement, it is possible, depending on the pipe, a post-processing is necessary if the manifold is to close to the chassis reinforcement. The chassis stiffeners 2016 also fit the previous chassis.

A post-processing to use the dowel pins and the additional screw may be possible with minimal technical skills. The "Team Edition" chassis 1320002 is now being shipped with the necessary holes for the dowel pins and the additional screw hole.



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