HARM - Chassis plate SX-4 new version [1320003]

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The development never stands still....

After many tests on different tracks and with different drivers, we have now decided to bring the modified new chassis plate for the SX-4 chassis to the market immediately.

Originally, the target was to strengthen the chassis plate clearly, to pursue a frequently voiced criticism that the chassis plate would bend too quickly.

Of course we wanted to improve the chassis, without affect the very good handling characteristics of the SX-4.

During the test we had to notice that not only the stability of the chassis is now at a very high level, but also the handling of the car is much smoother and the lap times could be improved.


The changes in detail:

The chassis is wider on the right and on the left in each case 5 mm.

In the tank area it was renounced on breakthroughs in the chassis plate

and at the same time the tank was placed 2 mms higher in order to have more material on this critical locations.


The complete rear axle and the transmission bracket are 1,2mm higher.

For this we also have more material in this area and the engine installation is a bit easier.

The cutout for the manifold could also be increased by 1.2mm.

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