FG - F1 Sportsline 2wd E [10000E]

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One of the most beautiful RC models built by FG is without a doubt the Formula 1. The elaborate geometry with double delta triangles, the inboard shock absorbers with return points, and numerous technical details give this chassis a unique technological dimension. These Formula 1 cars are easy to drive models, compared to the 1/5 Touring chassis, thanks to the significant grip of the tires and optimal balance, which makes it a perfect chassis for beginners!

Technical specifications:

  • 5mm chassis with 2 longitudinal sides
  • Front and rear double wishbone suspensions
  • Ar differential
  • Transmission by pinion cascade
  • FG ball joints
  • Fully mounted on bearings
  • 4 hydraulic shock absorbers
  • Front and rear spoiler
  • Lexan bodywork
  • Tires and rims included

Equipment included:

  • 980kV Brushless Motor
  • ESC Max 160A

Recommended diet:

  • 2 packs of 3S Li-Po batteries ((mini.. 100C)) delivering at least 7000 mAh
  • 1 suitable Li-Po charger with the appropriate cable
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