FG - Raceline FF530 [09520]

Product no.: FG_09520

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Here is the latest from FG, The Raceline FF 530 which adopts a new chassis architecture with a new front end machined in POM, a thick 5mm chassis, a brand new double disc brake on the intermediate axis. POM parts at the back are still there.

Technical data:

  • Front wishbones machined in POM
  • Front/rear lower wishbones machined in POM
  • Front POM cells
  • Support for front and rear POM shock absorbers
  • 5 mm chassis
  • Large diameter rear double disc brakes
  • Aluminum differential
  • New rear stiffener allowing symmetry on the right / left bending of the chassis
  • Aluminum front and rear rockets
  • Aluminum adjustable servo saver
  • Aluminum transmission support
  • Aluminum carrier holder
  • Large volume resonator approved
  • Engine of choice Zenoah G230RC or G240RC
  • Approved air box
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