Bittydesign - Liquid Mask 16oz (0,5kg) [BD-LM16]

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Ideal for painting a bodywork, liquid masking will save you time and allow you to make pretty artistic paintings.

Don't waste all your time taping with this revolutionary bittydesign liquid masking . In addition, this will allow you to apply the product more simply than scotch tape, but also to reduce or even remove all air bubbles under the cutouts.

Very resistant to paint layers, your liquid masking remains intact even after takeoff. Do not hesitate to do a sharper and more precise job.

Bittydesign liquid masking is a solid product which dries quickly. It is also very easy to apply to the airbrush.

For lexan, helmet, plastic and much more. Use your liquid masking for planes, boats, cars, motorcycles, etc.

Bittydesign Maskmask Liquidva will help you with your paint job. You save time, you have better final paint quality and you will have fun while you do your work.


Step 1 - The product is ready to use and you do not need to dilute it.Apply the product with a soft bristle brush, across the width 3cm or a gun

Step 2 - LM have optimal efficiency if dry normally, for example overnight. When 1st coat is dry (to speed up LM drying you can put the work in front of flow of hot air) spread a second layer of LM.

Step 3 - If you want to use toxic paints (solvent-based), we suggest that you spread a 3rd coat of LM.

If you are using water-based colors 2 coats of LM are sufficient and you do not need to apply a 3rd coat. You can always apply 3 coats of LM on your work, it will be easier to remove LM.

Step 4 - For cutting, be careful during this operation, try to apply the correct cutting pressure to avoid any damage on the work.The cutting line must be a single pass, without plus.If necessary, change the cutting blade frequently.

Step 5 - Remove the film from LM on the area. Take care during this important moment of peeling, pay attention to the advice in step 4. Remove LM always in the same direction. peeling moment, try not to touch the paint area.

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