Zenoah G270RC Engine Spare parts

Zenoah G270RC Engine Spare parts

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Product no.: ZEN_4065-02812

Zenoah crankcase snap ring. 

2.00 / unit(s) *

In stock

Product no.: ZEN_1155-21240

One (1) Zenoah engine bearing. Two bearings needed per engine.

8.00 *

In stock

Product no.: DM_00292

Zenoah oil seal set for crankcase.

7.90 / Kit(s) *

In stock

Product no.: ZEN_5990-75160

Stock part on the
Zenoah G230RC G260RC G240RC G270RC G290RC G320RC motors

2.10 *

In stock

Product no.: ZEN_1101-41340

Zenoah Pin washers should be used with Zenoah top ends, CY pin washers are a different thickness This part cannot be interchanged on Zenoah and CY motors

4.05 / pair(s) *

In stock

Product no.: ZEN_T2070-75110

Pullstarter alone used on all Zenoah RC engines

7.30 *

In stock

Product no.: ZEN_1140-06030

Zenoah Crankshaft Rebuild Kit. Comes as pictured, with rod, pin, and bearing.

31.00 / Kit(s) *

Still in stock

Product no.: DM_Ignition-coil

Zenoah ignition coil for RC engines. Comes as pictured, with red silicone cap and spring pre-installed.

44.95 *
Product no.: KillSwitch

This kit cutoff your 2-stroke gas engine on command, after looses power or signal

60.00 / pack(s) *

In stock

Product no.: ZEN_5500-72130

Engine Cover Grommet

1.20 / unit(s) *

In stock

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41 - 50 of 58 results