Exhaust pipe

Exhaust pipe

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Product no.: MC7100

The Samba 7 has a connection system. This low-maintenance, flexible connection between elbow and resonator is secured by four springs.

230.00 / pack(s) *

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Product no.: MC7110

Samba Exhaust mounting kit. Suitable for exhaust pipes with 50 mm diameter.

30.00 / kit(s) *

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Product no.: MC2106

Exhaust manifold for Samba 3

33.01 *

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Product no.: MC7125

Exhaust manifold for Samba 7 & 8

35.20 *

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Product no.: MC1100

Samba B.I. exhaust with outlet under the car. Comes with an elbow for the Genius and Harm.

220.00 *

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Product no.: VRC_7000

Exhaust fixing spring Victory RC

5.90 / unit(s) *

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Product no.: MC4121

Samba pipe, which mounts on FG Leopard 4x2 and 4x4. Superior quality and optimum performance throughout the engine's operating range. Complete kit with steel elbow and the necessary for the installation.
This version is 2012 European Champion at Nene Valley

179.60 *
Product no.: MC4131
399.90 *
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11 - 20 of 75 results