RS5 XF Formula One Chassis kit

Product no.: RS5_XF-0102

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3,250.00 / kit(s)
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New RS5 XF Formula One Chassis kit with Beast engine fixing kit.

  • Compatibility with Zenoah and Beast engine at the same time. You can easily swap beween bouth type of engine. Just the engine fixing parts are different, all other parts of the car are the same.
  • All-In-One RC unit. The servos and the reciever box are on the same carbon plate. You can take out it by twisting out some screws.
  • Easy differential change system. By disconecting the rear roll-bar pushroad, and twisting out 4pz screws, the diff can be removed upwards.
  • Forward mounted MonoShock suspension for better accesability.
  • Monoblock front susspension rocker holder, for maximum stiffnes.
  • Modul 1 fine pitch Gears.
  • Ball Centering Servo Saver. Same as Our Touring cars.
  • All Wishbones and the rear trackrod has Steel or Steel-Brass balljoints.
  • Fully adjustable suspension. Now caster adjustment is also possible.
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