PMT - Supreme V4 Tyres

Product no.: PMT_SupremeV4
36.90 / pair(s)
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The new V4 aims to raise the bar in competitions and cater to the needs of drivers. It features a redesigned tread with new patterns meticulously crafted for enhanced performance.

Let’s see its key features:

  • Exceptional Grip: Advanced tread patterns for unparalleled traction on various asphalt conditions.
  • Simplified Driving: Superior control for a smoother and more effective driving experience.
  • Enhanced Durability: Thanks to the new tread design, the tire’s performance remains consistent even in longer sessions.

Available in Three Different Compounds.

Like all our products, the V4 is available in various compounds to accommodate different asphalt conditions:

  • Q01 – SuperSoft
  • Q03 – Soft
  • Q05 – Medium

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