Product no.: MC8100

Samba 8 steel exhaust for long chassis, 535mm wheelbase

229.90 / pack(s) *

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Product no.: MC7125

Exhaust manifold for Samba 7 & 8

35.20 *

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Product no.: MC7110

Samba Exhaust mounting kit. Suitable for exhaust pipes with 50 mm diameter.

30.00 / kit(s) *

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Product no.: MC7111

Maintenance kit for Samba 7 and Samba 8 exhaust.

11.40 / kit(s) *

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Product no.: MC55555

Moca Aero Solutions have come up with this light weight shield to protect your fuel tank from the heat of the exhaust. These look very cool too

36.00 / unit(s) *